Victory Kirsch Gose - Breast Cancer Awareness

Victory Kirsch Gose for Breast Cancer Awareness

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month and Victory Brewing Company has brought back its popular and one of our favs: Kirsch Gose beer! DID YOU KNOW? Breast cancer is the second leading ...

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Summer 2016 Favorites

Our 2016 Summer Beer Loves

It's been a great summer of beautifully delicious beers. Lots of beercations and brewery day trips as well as Sunday Fundays, afternoons poolside, beer fests and fire pit evenings hanging with ...

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Cambridge Brewing Co. Heather Ale - Gruit

The Lovely, Charming Gruit

"Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there once lived a Gruit Ale full of character and pleasant earthy flavors that come from herbs. It was void of hops - those pesky, resinous green cones&...

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Transfer from a carboy with CO2

Transfer Beer From A Carboy Using CO2

In this post, I will describe how to easily transfer beer from a carboy using carbon dioxide (CO2) instead of a siphon. I've never been a fan of using siphons or auto-siphons when trying to transfer ...

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Artisanal Threads - Craft Beer Apparel

Artisanal Threads: Craft Beer Apparel

What's craft beer themed, fantastically designed and super comfy all over? Well, Artisanal Threads that's what! I had the opportunity of test driving their tees and hat and can say they are ...

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Pennsylvania Liquor Law Changes

New Opportunities For PA Breweries

Last month was a huge win for breweries, wineries, distilleries and those that have tap rooms throughout Pennsylvania. In early August 2016, House Bill 1690 took effect which further modernizes ...

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Forest A& Main Brewery & Pub

Brewery Visit: Forest & Main Brewery

Sunday Funday is made for taking day trips to explore good beer and good food. It's about relaxing and indulging while spending quality time with friends and family. And, we did just that over ...

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Our Adventures at Hill Farmstead Brewery

Brewery Visit: Hill Farmstead

Where did we end up to celebrate National IPA Day 2016? Well, Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro, Vermont, of course! You know. The brewery that was named 'Best Brewery in the World'&nb...

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Vermont Beer Run Tips

Beer Run Tips: Vermont Edition

It feels like ages since we last visited Vermont! So many more breweries have opened up in the past 2 years like Foam Brewers, Prohibition Pig Brewery, and Four Quarters Brewing. Not to mention ...

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Aeronaut Brewing Co: Hop Hop and Away

Aeronaut Brewing’s Hop, Hop & Away

Now in their second year, Aeronaut Brewing Company continues to bring it with tasty beers and packaging artistry! We first visited the brewery in Somerville last summer on our Massachusetts ...

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Highway Manor Brewing Co.

Highway Manor Brewing Co – Label Love & Brewery News

I had heard great things about the relatively new brewery in the south central Pennsylvania craft beer scene. The buzz about town was that Johnnie Compton and his brewery, Highway Manor, was staking ...

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Foam Brewers - Burlington Vermont

New Brewery Alert: Foam Brewers

It's not often that a startup brewery knocks our socks off. Generally, it's the same old, same old basic beers. A red ale, a stout, a pale ale and the obligatory basic IPA that's usually way too ...

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Homemade Hop Extract Shots

Make Your Own Hop Shots

In a recent post, I discussed my process for dry-hopping in a Corny keg. But what about my bittering hops? About two years ago, I made the switch to hop extract for the bittering addition in my ...

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Cooking Chili with Beer

Cooking with Beer: Hearty Chili with Yellow Squash

Do you have summer squash coming out your ears and have run out of ideas on how to serve it? If so, here's an easy recipe to jazz up the traditional chili dish by adding squash and brown ale. ...

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Painted Horse Hops

Painted Horse Hop Farm Dillsburg, PA

Chelsie and I recently had the pleasure of visiting Painted Horse Hops in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania to chat with the owner, Loren Whitehead. The hop yard is located on Loren's farm which she ...

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Suarez Family Brewery

New Brewery Alert: Suarez Family Brewery

Never heard of Suarez Family Brewery in Livingston, New York? No worries. I got your in-the-know deets right here on the newly opened brewery. "New" as in just opened on June 27, 2016. To some ...

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Dry Hop In A Corny Keg

Dry Hop In A Corny Keg

It's no secret that one of my favorite styles of beer to brew is the American IPA/DIPA. During my first few years of homebrewing I always seemed to struggle with getting great hop flavor and aroma ...

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Alchemist Stowe Vermont

Brewery Visit: The Alchemist

It's an event that had been quite some time in the making - 3 years to be exact. Last month the opening day of The Alchemist Brewery Stowe, Vermont location had finally arrived. This ...

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Beerified Laundry Room

Beerified Laundry Room

It's been a little over 7 years since we moved into our home in Dillsburg, PA. Just about every room in the house has been decorated and personalized to suit our style many years back. Some ...

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It's A Brew Life

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for checking out our blog: My name is Chelsie. You may know me from (a blog written by women... for all to enjoy) or if you're local to Harrisburg, ...

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