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CO2 Transfer from Brew Bucket

CO2 Transfer with Ss Brewtech Brew Buckets

For the past 8 years, almost every beer I have brewed has been fermented in plastic bottling buckets. Yes, even the ones that have won awards in local homebrew competitions and BJCP competitions. I have always been a believer that you can make good beer using almost any equipment and that process ...

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Gifting Homebrew Tips

Give The Gift Of Homebrewed Beer

Giving homebrew as gifts for the holidays is always a hit. It's a way to share the passion you love, with the ones you love. And, it makes for a great "thank you" gift to the hosts of holiday parties you attend. Some of you homebrewers bottle your beer, others keg it and a few are starting to "can ...

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Stoudts IPA Throwdown 2017

Stoudts Brewing Co. IPA Throwdown Homebrew Competition

There's always something brewing here at the Markel household. Just about every other Sunday morning, our cars are cleared out of the garage so it can transform into Sunday Morning Brewing. Then out comes the grain mill to crush all those delicious smelling dried grains to prep them for the brewing ...

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Brewers Association Hop Farm Program

Brewers Association Funds Hop Breeding Program

This just in from the Brewers Association... Boulder, CO • October 30, 2017—The Brewers Association—the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers—announced an agreement today with the United States Department of Agricu...

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50-State Commercial Beer Clone Recipes Guide

Pro-Brewery Recipe Clones for Homebrewers

Love beer? And your nearby brewery? Celebrating local, independent breweries, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) — the leading community for homebrewers — today unveiled its inaugural 50-State Commercial Beer Clone Recipes Guide. The AHA compiled the list, which features recipes scaled ...

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MK16 CanSeamer by Oktober

Can Seamer for 12 oz. & 16 oz. Cans

Today we went to visit my cousin, Scott, who is also a homebrewer and play with his new toy: the MK16 CanSeamer by Oktober LLC. It's basically like a crowler can seamer but this machine is designed for 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans. We were impressed by its sturdy, commercial-grade construction, ease ...

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Derek's Pro Brewer Gig

Pro-Brewing Now Added to Our Adventures

It's every homebrewers' dream: To share their unique talent and creative spin on craft beer with the masses... AND actually get paid for it. Watching customers enjoy every sip, glass after glass. 'Going Pro' as they say. Well, we are proud to announce that Derek has taken on a gig as ...

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GrowlerGrips : GrowlerGasket

Product Review: GrowlerGasket

How long can you keep draft beer fresh in a growler before you crack it open to drink it? Depends on the type of growler: flip top vs screw tops. Flip tops used to be the way to go to keep beer fresher longer. But now there is a new way to ensure there is no loss of flavor, carbonation or aroma. ...

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Water Profile Calculator

Preparing Your Water for Brewing – Part 1

For a guy who loves beer, you might not expect me to write an article about water. However, water plays a vital role in the quality of your beer. Water can be a complicated subject and I am by no means a chemist or an expert on the subject. My goal is to write a series of articles which cover some ...

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Transfer from a carboy with CO2

Transfer Beer From A Carboy Using CO2

In this post, I will describe how to easily transfer beer from a carboy using carbon dioxide (CO2) instead of a siphon. I've never been a fan of using siphons or auto-siphons when trying to transfer beer from glass carboys. It could just be me, but it's always a hassle and seems like there is a lot ...

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Homemade Hop Extract Shots

Make Your Own Hop Shots

In a recent post, I discussed my process for dry-hopping in a Corny keg. But what about my bittering hops? About two years ago, I made the switch to hop extract for the bittering addition in my IPAs and Pale Ales. Almost all of the great IPA breweries in the country are using hop extract for ...

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Painted Horse Hops

Painted Horse Hop Farm Dillsburg, PA

  UPDATE (July 2017): We are sad to learn that Loren Swivel (Whitehead), owner of Painted Horse Hop Farms in our own Dillsburg, PA, has passed away far too early. Loren was an extremely kind and compassionate person. Every time we visited, she had snacks and beer waiting for us. Even sent ...

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Dry Hop In A Corny Keg

Dry Hop In A Corny Keg

It's no secret that one of my favorite styles of beer to brew is the American IPA/DIPA. During my first few years of homebrewing I always seemed to struggle with getting great hop flavor and aroma into my IPAs. Over the past two years, I have experimented with various techniques for brewing IPAs. I ...

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