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Drinking Rings

Drinking Rings: Drink Fashionably

Indulging in a glass of a well-crafted beer is like a celebration to me. It's a cheer to a wonderful day or a cheer to the stresses of the day having finally ended. Either way my day plays out, there's something to be thankful for. I love hitting the town from time to time to celebrate life with a ...

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2017 Beer Explorations

#BeerCurious in 2017: A Year in Review

As another Year of Beer closes, we like to start the new year reflecting on all the good brews and good times we've enjoyed in 2017. We also look forward to all the planned and unexpected fun times that await us in 2018. It's a time of reminiscing and goal creating.  For us, our beer ...

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Gifting Homebrew Tips

Give The Gift Of Homebrewed Beer

Giving homebrew as gifts for the holidays is always a hit. It's a way to share the passion you love, with the ones you love. And, it makes for a great "thank you" gift to the hosts of holiday parties you attend. Some of you homebrewers bottle your beer, others keg it and a few are starting to "can ...

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Stoudts IPA Throwdown 2017

Stoudts Brewing Co. IPA Throwdown Homebrew Competition

There's always something brewing here at the Markel household. Just about every other Sunday morning, our cars are cleared out of the garage so it can transform into Sunday Morning Brewing. Then out comes the grain mill to crush all those delicious smelling dried grains to prep them for the brewing ...

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Beer Jelly 6 Pack by House of Webster

Product Review: Beer Jelly 6-Pack

Recently we had the opportunity to try some unique jelly varieties from the iconic House of Webster who is known for their gourmet food gifts. In their 83rd year of business, they've created something new for us craft beer lovers. Yeah. We love to drink beer. But we also like to eat it ...

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Beerify Your Halloween Decor

Like Beer? Love the Halloween season? We do, too! Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. You really can let your creativity run wild decorating the inside and outside of your home. Derek usually handles the exterior setup (with my art direction, of course!) draping purple lights on ...

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Aeronaut Double Hop Hop DIPA

Aeronaut Brewing Co. Is Shaking Up ‘The Norm’

Ever wish you didn't have to stand in long lines outside a brewery braving the elements for hours on end in order to snag the limited release of (insert brewery name)'s nothing-short-of-a-miracle-in-your-mouth, juicy NEIPA? I mean, we all have better things to do with our limited time here on ...

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Veggie Fest at Strawberry Square 2017

VeggieFest: Beer, Cider & Food Sampling

ATTENTION: Harrisburg, PA Area Craft Beer & Cider Lovers, Vegetarians, Vegans, Veg-curious Individuals, Healthy Living Enthusiasts or really, just anyone who likes to support 'local' EVERYTHING! There's something fun, delicious AND healthy coming to Strawberry Square in downtown ...

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Solar Eclipse Beers

Eclipse Beers for Your 2017 Solar Eclipse Experience

It's not every day that a total solar eclipse occurs. The U.S. from coast to coast will see the moon align with the sun - dimming the sky - on Monday, August 21, 2017. Cue Bonnie Tyler's 1983 hit 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' for dramatic effect. It's somewhat of a rare spectacle. As ...

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Beer And Food Pairing Course

Beer and Food Pairing Course by CraftBeer.com

The Brewers Association (BA), the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers, has expanded its CraftBeer.com Professional Beer & Food Course to nearly 100 pages and now offers 4 supplemental digital videos to showcase the practices featured in the ...

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Art Of Troegs 2017 Gallery Artists Reveal

Art of Troegs 2017 Gallery Opening

It's been a whole year since the grand opening of Tröegs' Splinter Cellar & Art Gallery.  We gave you an insider look into the 2016 VIP night of celebration and we're here to do it again in 2017. Last night, we had the pleasure of talking with the artists who were selected to be a part of ...

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Craft Beer Tattoos

Craft Beer Lovers’ Tattoos

Love 'em. Hate 'em. Getting a tattoo is a very personal decision. For those that are all about that ink AND love craft beer, the two worlds can collide to make some stellar body art in the form of a beer-centric tattoo. From hop heads to homebrewers, folks are getting permanent reminders that make ...

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Bottle Shop Tips - Craft Beer Buying

Do’s & Don’ts of Bottle Shopping

As a Beer Hunter, we search high and low to find something that pleases our taste buds or is something that we've never had before. We hunt locally and nationally, traveling to various cities and states to add to our homebase beer reserve. No. We're not collecting or hoarding craft ...

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Savor 2017 Game Plan

Our SAVOR 2017 Gameplan

Derek and I are getting giddy over the approaching SAVOR 2017 (An American Craft Beer & Food Experience) happening June 2nd and 3rd at the National Building Museum in D.C. We're going to be attending the June 3rd (Sat Evening) session. Let us know if you'll be there. We'd love to say, "hello!...

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Harrisburg Beer Week 2017 Collaboration Beers

HBG Beer Week 2017: Year of Collaboration Beers

So many things to do and taste during Harrisburg Beer Week 2017 which runs 9 days straight from Apr 21 - 29. With more than 200 craft beer themed events all over the South Central PA area from as far west as Carlisle to as far east as Elizabethtown and Palmyra, it's difficult to choose where you'll ...

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The Vegetable Hunter

Rustic Row House Ales at The Vegetable Hunter

It's been just over a month since we made our announcement that Derek was taking on pro-brewing for The Vegetable Hunter (formerly Crave & Co) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. And, I'm pleased to say his lovely, small-batch, rustic brews will soon be ready for you to enjoy.   For those ...

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Pets with Beery Names

Beer-Related Pet Names Are Trending

We can't help but to notice the rise in pets named after breweries, a specific beer name or beer brewing ingredient. Let's face it. Craft beer isn't just a beverage. It's a lifestyle. Beer enthusiasts are passionate about their favorite brews and they are bestowing those oh-so-adorable, beer-rela...

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Derek's Pro Brewer Gig

Pro-Brewing Now Added to Our Adventures

It's every homebrewers' dream: To share their unique talent and creative spin on craft beer with the masses... AND actually get paid for it. Watching customers enjoy every sip, glass after glass. 'Going Pro' as they say. Well, we are proud to announce that Derek has taken on a gig as ...

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Beer Dinner with Red Sky Cafe & Ever Grain Brewing

A Beer Dinner to Remember

Beer dinners aren't anything new. Restaurants and breweries hold them all the time. Over the years, Derek and I have attended many and 9 times out of 10, I have to special request course substitutions. That's because most chefs' go-to main course is almost always a big slab of beef in various cuts ...

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GrowlerGrips : GrowlerGasket

Product Review: GrowlerGasket

How long can you keep draft beer fresh in a growler before you crack it open to drink it? Depends on the type of growler: flip top vs screw tops. Flip tops used to be the way to go to keep beer fresher longer. But now there is a new way to ensure there is no loss of flavor, carbonation or aroma. ...

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ItsABrewLife.com Store Now Open

ItsABrewLife.com Store Now Open

We're excited to announce that our online store just launched - and right in time for Christmas shopping. It's an eclectic mix of craft beer themed items.  Glassware style inspired by the tasting glasses at The Alchemist during our visit in August. (shown above) Trucker Hats that ...

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Beer Museum Project Planned for Pittsburgh

Something exciting is brewing. Something that is long overdue in this country and it's coming to Pennsylvania... our home state! What exactly is it? Well, it's a museum dedicated to BEER to be built in Pittsburgh. The museum will tell the fascinating, 10,000-years-old story of beer. The town has ...

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Far From Ordinary Growlers

One of those must-haves for any craft beer enthusiast is a growler. What's a "growler?" It's a vessel to take draft beer home with you from a brewery or bar if they do indeed fill them. Not all places are equipped to fill growlers or simply do not want to. Others have strict restrictions on ...

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Victory Kirsch Gose - Breast Cancer Awareness

Victory Kirsch Gose for Breast Cancer Awareness

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month and Victory Brewing Company has brought back its popular and one of our favs: Kirsch Gose beer! DID YOU KNOW? Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women? That statistic from the American Cancer Society is quite alarming. Many ...

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Summer 2016 Favorites

Our 2016 Summer Beer Loves

It's been a great summer of beautifully delicious beers. Lots of beercations and brewery day trips as well as Sunday Fundays, afternoons poolside, beer fests and fire pit evenings hanging with friends watching the sun set over the south mountain. We hate to see it go but know this fall/winter has ...

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Artisanal Threads - Craft Beer Apparel

Artisanal Threads: Craft Beer Apparel

What's craft beer themed, fantastically designed and super comfy all over? Well, Artisanal Threads that's what! I had the opportunity of test driving their tees and hat and can say they are "Chelsie Approved!" Love, love, love wearing these.  APPAREL WITH A MISSION My ...

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Vermont Beer Run Tips

Beer Run Tips: Vermont Edition

It feels like ages since we last visited Vermont! So many more breweries have opened up in the past 2 years like Foam Brewers, Prohibition Pig Brewery, and Four Quarters Brewing. Not to mention the breweries we did visit in 2013 and 2014 have grown by leaps and bounds. The Alchemist Brewery, ...

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Cooking Chili with Beer

Cooking with Beer: Hearty Chili with Yellow Squash

Do you have summer squash coming out your ears and have run out of ideas on how to serve it? If so, here's an easy recipe to jazz up the traditional chili dish by adding squash and brown ale. The bonus? It's super easy to make. Nothing complicated about it. And, did I mention there's beer in ...

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Painted Horse Hops

Painted Horse Hop Farm Dillsburg, PA

  UPDATE (July 2017): We are sad to learn that Loren Swivel (Whitehead), owner of Painted Horse Hop Farms in our own Dillsburg, PA, has passed away far too early. Loren was an extremely kind and compassionate person. Every time we visited, she had snacks and beer waiting for us. Even sent ...

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Beerified Laundry Room

Beerified Laundry Room

It's been a little over 7 years since we moved into our home in Dillsburg, PA. Just about every room in the house has been decorated and personalized to suit our style many years back. Some rooms have even been redone 2-3 times now - mostly because I have an interior design addiction. ...

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