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South County Brewing Co. New Can Art

South County Brewing Co. #LabelLove & Expansion Plans

We're excited to announce our newest #LabelLove from one of Pennsylvania's own: South County Brewing Co. We talked to owner and brewer, J.R. Heaps to get the scoop for our readers. And, we learned about what's in store for their 2018 Expansion Plans. Why Change Your Can Art? "Over the ...

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2017 Beer Explorations

#BeerCurious in 2017: A Year in Review

As another Year of Beer closes, we like to start the new year reflecting on all the good brews and good times we've enjoyed in 2017. We also look forward to all the planned and unexpected fun times that await us in 2018. It's a time of reminiscing and goal creating.  For us, our beer ...

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Brewers Association Hop Farm Program

Brewers Association Funds Hop Breeding Program

This just in from the Brewers Association... Boulder, CO • October 30, 2017—The Brewers Association—the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers—announced an agreement today with the United States Department of Agricu...

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ZerØday Brewing Co. Can Release #LabelLove

ZerØday Brewing Co. has supported the arts from day 1 of opening their doors in April 2015 in the Midtown area of Harrisburg, PA. They have a deep appreciation for individual expression through music, artwork, theatre, film and of course, brewing. Crafting something by hand to tell a story or ...

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Aslin #LabelLove

Aslin Beer Co. #LabelLove

With just 2 years under their belt, Aslin Beer Co. in Herndon, Virginia is producing top notch brews that are being sought after from craft beer enthusiasts all across the U.S. Beercations to Virginia are definitely a thing and Aslin is in the "must visit" category when planning the trip. ...

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Aeronaut Double Hop Hop DIPA

Aeronaut Brewing Co. Is Shaking Up ‘The Norm’

Ever wish you didn't have to stand in long lines outside a brewery braving the elements for hours on end in order to snag the limited release of (insert brewery name)'s nothing-short-of-a-miracle-in-your-mouth, juicy NEIPA? I mean, we all have better things to do with our limited time here on ...

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New Hampshire Beercation

New Hampshire Beercation Suggestions

Don't think that New Hampshire has enough breweries to make a beercation worthwhile in the granite state? Well, you better think again. New Hampshire now has over 45 breweries and some of them are making the state a craft beer destination. And, because it's sandwiched in between two popular ...

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Smuttynose Brewing Co.

Brewery Visit: Smuttynose Brewing Co.

I’m a beach loving gal. Yeah. My pasty white skin burns easily, but there’s nothing like sitting on the beach and watching the waves crash in. The smell of the ocean air. The breeze that cools you off on a hot summer day. And, of course the seafood restaurants that have the freshest of the ...

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Solar Eclipse Beers

Eclipse Beers for Your 2017 Solar Eclipse Experience

It's not every day that a total solar eclipse occurs. The U.S. from coast to coast will see the moon align with the sun - dimming the sky - on Monday, August 21, 2017. Cue Bonnie Tyler's 1983 hit 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' for dramatic effect. It's somewhat of a rare spectacle. As ...

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Plan Bee Farm Brewery

Brewery Visit: Plan Bee Farm Brewery

During our recent mini-beercation to the Hudson Valley area of New York, we finally had the chance to visit Plan Bee Farm Brewery in Poughkeepsie. I had been following Plan Bee Farm Brewery on Instagram for a couple of years and I knew, based on what I saw and read about their beers, that it would ...

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Hudson Valley Brewery

Brewery Visit: Hudson Valley Brewery

A hidden little gem of a brewery is making a name for themselves tucked away in the burgeoning town of Beacon, New York. Word is quickly spreading amongst craft beer enthusiasts about Hudson Valley Brewery who opened its doors along Church Hill St. in late 2016. Co-owners John-Anthony Gargiulo, ...

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Equilibrium Brewery

Brewery Visit: Equilibrium Brewery

It's no longer hard to find Northeast Style IPAs. They're everywhere. Those hazy, yellow to orange colored brews can be found in almost every state throughout the U.S. But I have to say that not every brewery who is making them hits the mark. No different than any other style of beer really. Some ...

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50-State Commercial Beer Clone Recipes Guide

Pro-Brewery Recipe Clones for Homebrewers

Love beer? And your nearby brewery? Celebrating local, independent breweries, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) — the leading community for homebrewers — today unveiled its inaugural 50-State Commercial Beer Clone Recipes Guide. The AHA compiled the list, which features recipes scaled ...

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Jack's Abby Featured IMG

Brewery Visit: Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers

In a world of craft beer drinkers seemingly consumed with those IPAs - whether it be West Coast style in all their piney bitterness, Midwest sweet malt bombs or New England style hazy, smooth juiciness, there are some breweries that don't brew IPAs at all. What?! No IPAs? Some would shudder to ...

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Bissell Brothers Brewery & Taproom

Brewery Visit: Bissell Brothers

There is absolutely no question that NE-style IPAs are here to stay! Some staunch beer-style gurus still scoff at and bash the idea of juicy India Pale Ales with its hazy body, creamy mouthfeel and extremely low bitterness (IBUs). I mean, American IPAs that gained popularity back in the 1990s have ...

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Brewery Visit: Aeronaut Brewing Co.

When we plan our Massachusetts trips to visit my mother, we can't help but to also turn the journey into a beercation to explore as many unique and artfully crafted breweries that the state has to offer during our time there. There are the obligatory 'must stops' to Night Shift Brewing Co., Tree ...

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Founders 20th Anniversary

Founders Brewing Co. 20th Anniversary

Founders Brewing Company is celebrating it's 20th year anniversary. Wow! 20 years already? Lots of our early-on, go-to craft breweries are turning or have already turned the BIG 2-0 in the last couple years: Tröegs, Victory, Dogfish Head, to name a few. Now the 15th largest craft ...

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Savor 2017 Game Plan

Our SAVOR 2017 Gameplan

Derek and I are getting giddy over the approaching SAVOR 2017 (An American Craft Beer & Food Experience) happening June 2nd and 3rd at the National Building Museum in D.C. We're going to be attending the June 3rd (Sat Evening) session. Let us know if you'll be there. We'd love to say, "hello!...

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Harrisburg Beer Week 2017 Collaboration Beers

HBG Beer Week 2017: Year of Collaboration Beers

So many things to do and taste during Harrisburg Beer Week 2017 which runs 9 days straight from Apr 21 - 29. With more than 200 craft beer themed events all over the South Central PA area from as far west as Carlisle to as far east as Elizabethtown and Palmyra, it's difficult to choose where you'll ...

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Tree House Brewing Co.

Brewery Visit: Tree House Brewing Co.

Remember when I ranted about NEVER going to stand in line for craft beer EVER again after waiting for three whole hours at Hill Farmstead Brewing Co. last summer? Yeah. Well. I did it again. This time at Tree House Brewing Co. in Monson, Massachusetts. It was my first stop during our epic "MA ...

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Tröegs Splinter Cellar Foeders

Brewery Visit: Tröegs Splinter Cellar

The brand spanking new addition to Tröegs Independent Brewing, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, called the Splinter Cellar opened in July 2016. We got to experience the spectacularly designed space this past summer at the opening night. All of the people that had a hand in imagining, designing, support...

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Ever Grain Brewing Co

Brewery Visit: Ever Grain Brewing Co.

Planning a beercation to Southern Pennsylvania - specifically near the state capitol of Harrisburg? Live in or near Camp Hill, PA and love good, quality craft beer? Looking for a day trip to a great brewery that you've never visited before? Well, you should check out Ever Grain Brewing Company&nb...

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Beer Dinner with Red Sky Cafe & Ever Grain Brewing

A Beer Dinner to Remember

Beer dinners aren't anything new. Restaurants and breweries hold them all the time. Over the years, Derek and I have attended many and 9 times out of 10, I have to special request course substitutions. That's because most chefs' go-to main course is almost always a big slab of beef in various cuts ...

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Collusion Tap Works

Brewery Visit: Collusion Tap Works

Let's be honest. Not all beer is crafted equal. Not all brewery experiences are well executed. And, not all breweries are opening up with their A-game. But we're here to tell you that Collusion Tap Works located at 105 S Howard Street in York PA, is the real deal. They've completely wowed us right ...

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Victory Kirsch Gose - Breast Cancer Awareness

Victory Kirsch Gose for Breast Cancer Awareness

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month and Victory Brewing Company has brought back its popular and one of our favs: Kirsch Gose beer! DID YOU KNOW? Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women? That statistic from the American Cancer Society is quite alarming. Many ...

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Summer 2016 Favorites

Our 2016 Summer Beer Loves

It's been a great summer of beautifully delicious beers. Lots of beercations and brewery day trips as well as Sunday Fundays, afternoons poolside, beer fests and fire pit evenings hanging with friends watching the sun set over the south mountain. We hate to see it go but know this fall/winter has ...

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Cambridge Brewing Co. Heather Ale - Gruit

The Lovely, Charming Gruit

"Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there once lived a Gruit Ale full of character and pleasant earthy flavors that come from herbs. It was void of hops - those pesky, resinous green cones used in Beer to add bitterness and preservative qualities. You see the Gruit Ale and the ...

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Pennsylvania Liquor Law Changes

New Opportunities For PA Breweries

Last month was a huge win for breweries, wineries, distilleries and those that have tap rooms throughout Pennsylvania. In early August 2016, House Bill 1690 took effect which further modernizes alcohol sales in our keystone state. Among the many revisions, the two most interesting advances to us ...

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Forest A& Main Brewery & Pub

Brewery Visit: Forest & Main Brewery

Sunday Funday is made for taking day trips to explore good beer and good food. It's about relaxing and indulging while spending quality time with friends and family. And, we did just that over Christmas 2015 weekend - hitting as many places as possible while keeping the pace nice and slow. ...

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Our Adventures at Hill Farmstead Brewery

Brewery Visit: Hill Farmstead

Where did we end up to celebrate National IPA Day 2016? Well, Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro, Vermont, of course! You know. The brewery that was named 'Best Brewery in the World' three years in a row by RateBeer. It also just so happened to be our 20th wedding anniversary the ...

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