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Drinking Rings: Drink Fashionably

Indulging in a glass of a well-crafted beer is like a celebration to me. It’s a cheer to a wonderful day or a cheer to the stresses of the day having finally ended. Either way my day plays out, there’s something to be thankful for. I love hitting the town from time to time to celebrate life with a delicious brew. Whether that’s going to enjoy a band, going out for Date Night to some of our favorite BYOB restaurants, attending a beer festival, hitting up our favorite watering holes talking with everyone and anyone around me, checking out what some of the breweries are up to and have on tap as well as just hanging with friends at a bottle share. Let’s just say I work beer into a lot of occasions. And, I think it’s fun to dress up my drinking hands with Drinking Rings. It’s all about posting them hand-on-glass selfies on Instagram to share with my friends what I’m up to and what beers I’m exploring. I like to live life out loud. 

Drinking Rings

I ❤️ Drinking Rings

As if my hand tattoos aren’t enough embellishment, I like statement rings. I’m not afraid of bold. Generally, the beers in the glass I’m holding are bold flavored. So the Drinking Rings should be too! But that’s just my style. Everyone has their own personal fashion and jewelry style preferences. 

My most favorite Drinking Rings are those that fit on my thumb. It makes for a better closeup photo composition and draws your eye into the beer within the glass. 

Drinking Ring at Oxbow

This vintage ring was purchased at Market of Curiosities held in Carlisle, PA a couple years back. Recently, this Drinking Ring made its way to Oxbow Brewing Co. during our Maine beercation. Oxbow had their taproom tables covered with brown butcher paper that gets changed out when a new party occupies the table. I, of course, couldn’t fight the urge to whip out a pen and graffiti it. I so had wished my rainbow of Sharpie pens were in my purse. But alas, only a ballpoint could be found. Space Cowboy Country Ale (Bière de Garde) was quite tasty! Fun trip.

Drinking Ring at Bottle Share

An airy Drinking Ring on a hot summer day at a bottle share/picnic. The hosts had environmentally-friendly tasting glasses for their guests. So cool!

Drinking Ring at Troegs

It’s starting to be a thing for me to take Drinking Ring selfies at Tröegs Independent Brewing. Their taproom is just 40 minutes from my house. I go there for the freshest of fresh Tröegs brews. It’s always packed and it’s always a good time.

Drinking Ring at Pizza Boy

Pizza Boy Brewing Co. is another go-to for fresh, well-crafted beer. There’s always something new to explore and they also carry a big selection of other Pennsylvania craft beers on tap. Over 100 taps total. Another great place to meet up with friends to catch up and hang out. This Drinking Ring shows just how much I love good beer.

Drinking Ring on Beercation

Our annual Delaware beercation is always so relaxing. Not only do we check out the local breweries but we also bring along some great brews from our stash at home. Shown above is Tree House Brewing Co. Eureka Blonde Ale. Keeping it casual by drinking straight from the can. 

Show Us Your Drinking Rings

I have many kindred spirits when it comes to Drinking Ring photos and their love for the fashion accessory. 

Christy Black Drinking Ring

A local beer girl and friend, Christy Tomaso Bolton, is such a kindred spirit. Her Drinking Ring game is quite strong. I love to see her social media pic posts from her various brewery visits. 

Christy Bolton Drinking Ring

Christy loves to drink local and let folks know all about her beer explorations. Looks like I need to up my nail polish game when taking Drinking Ring snaps. Ha!

If I remember correctly, this is a glass of pumpkin ale. Not sure what brewery or bar its from. But I do remember being so completely jealous of the ring AND that glass of pumpkin-spiced beer with a sugar and cinnamon rim. Fancy!

Drinking Rings aren’t just for beer girls. I see a lot of guys, especially at beer festivals, with a strong Drinking Ring game. @cptkarrot does it completely right with multiple sterling silver rings. 

Don’t ask me to interpret the text of this Instagram post but the photo shows it all. This beer girl was enjoying a lovely glass of beer and showing her style with a hop cone Drinking Ring. How sweet is that ring?! Nice hand tattoo, too. Cheers to this Instagram post win! 

None other than Miss Steph Hefner of Beer Busters podcast rocking her goth skull Drinking Ring at Stickman Brews. I love chatting about beer releases and brewery reviews with this knowledgeable beer girl. I mean with over 8,300 unique beer check-ins in Untappd, Steph’s serious about her beer adventures.

Vanessa Drinking Ring

Proper glassware and another badass skull Drinking Ring. What’s in the glass? Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA with a high-octane 18% ABV! That’s totally Vanessa Kilby. She means business in everything she does. Love her! 

Drinking Ring Recommendations

Need a few more Drinking Ring inspiration photos? Or maybe you need help finding cool Drinking Rings to purchase? I’ve scoured the interwebs and found some things you might like. Just click or tap each photo to go to the vendors jewelry webpage. (all photos below courtesy of the jewelry vendors)

For The Beer Girls

Pretty Hop Ring

Stacking Rings

Spoon Ring

Scarab Ring

For The Beer Guys

Mens Penny Ring

Mens Hell Fire

Mens Pinky Ring

Mens Lone Wolf

Bottle Opener Drinking Rings

I’m sure you’ve all seen the basic steel bottle opener rings. I came across these options that are not only functional but have big time fashion sense. Perfect for girls or guys. Drinking Rings that open a bottle of beer anywhere you go! How cool is that? Click or tap the image to view the vendor’s online store.

Bottle Opener Drinking Rings

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    Justin Bolton 01/13/2018 (10:26 am)

    The third picture of Christy’s hand is at Spring House. The beer is BRAAAAAINS.