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Give The Gift Of Homebrewed Beer

Giving homebrew as gifts for the holidays is always a hit. It’s a way to share the passion you love, with the ones you love. And, it makes for a great “thank you” gift to the hosts of holiday parties you attend. Some of you homebrewers bottle your beer, others keg it and a few are starting to “can at home” with the the Oktober’s MK16 CanSeamer. We have some tips to take your gift presentation to the next level. Think “elegant containers and fresh labeling.”

Bottle & Growler Tags

One of the easiest and most inexpensive way to personalize your bottled homebrew is with an elegant bottle tag.

Beer Bottle Label

You can find the tags at almost any office supply store, Amazon.com and even craft stores. We got ours at Office Depot. There are a variety of label sizes, styles and colors so pick something that makes sense for you. We chose to stamp our white shipping labels with black ink for a more hand-done, rustic feel. On the flip side, we write the name of the beer and ABV using a sharpie marker. Nothing says “homemade” more than beautiful, handwritten lettering.

Stamped Tag On Bottle

White Blank Tags with String  Manilla Blank Tags with String

You can have a custom stamp made from a variety of companies. Most offer custom sizes and allow you to submit your own artwork in electronic format. We got our stamp and ink pad from RubberStamps.net. We’ve been quite pleased with their service, speed to complete the order and quality of the product. Our Sunday Morning Brewing logo is imprinted on a 3.5″ x 2″ rubber stamp ($22.95). The handle on the stamp was an option and no extra cost. The black, all-purpose stamp pad (ink) was an extra purchase ($5.95). It was convenient and a time saver to be able to get everything all in one place and delivered together.

Think beyond stamping bottle labels! You can use your stamp to imprint blank coasters and other fun things for your home bar.

Stamp & Ink Pad

Hand stamping not your thing? Want something more precise and crisp imprinted on your homebrew tags? No worries. You can get Avery Printable Tags with String:

Large Printable Tags Small Printable Tags

Don’t bottle your beer? That’s fine, too! Just fill up one of your favorite growlers that you don’t mind lending to the person you’re gifting your homebrew. Or if you want to go all out and buy an interesting growler to be part of the gift, there are also lots of choices to pick from. You can find super sweet looking growlers made of glass, metal or ceramic/pottery.

growler ideas

We found a few you might like, including those shown above:

Growler Recommendations & Tips

Can Labels

From time to time, we can our homebrew. Putting a label on them gets a little tricky and can be pricey. But it doesn’t have to be. Recently, we experimented with some inexpensive, print-at-home labels.

Can Labels

Here’s where I note that they are NOT waterproof when you go with our option. And, we were fine with that. When canning just a small amount of cans, like 12-24, and knowing they would be consumed quickly, there was no point in going the extra mile to have professionally printed, smudge-proof labels created.

The label shown on the can above is Avery Print To The Edge labels made of 100% recycled paper in Kraft Brown. You get 225, 2.5″ round labels in the pack.

Avery 2.5″ Round Labels

To create your design, you’ll need to download the template from the Avery website. There’s a link on the label packaging to get what you need. My preference when designing is to use Photoshop but there were a variety of file formats to choose from including Microsoft Word. You’ll get 9 labels per sheet.

PRO-TIP: Don’t do what I did and forget to turn off the “circle outline” layer. It will print on your labels if you don’t hide it. Doh!

Got Suggestions?

Send us info on any inexpensive labeling options for both bottles and cans. We’d love to hear what products and methods work well for you. Cheers!

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