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Product Review: Beer Jelly 6-Pack

Recently we had the opportunity to try some unique jelly varieties from the iconic House of Webster who is known for their gourmet food gifts. In their 83rd year of business, they’ve created something new for us craft beer lovers. Yeah. We love to drink beer. But we also like to eat it too! Introducing House of Webster’s craft beer jelly 6-pack which makes an excellent gift for all the beer enthusiasts on your shopping list. You might even want to pick up a set for yourself.

The Craft Beer Jelly 6 Pack Lineup

Beer Jellies from House of Webster

Fox Head Beer Jelly with Belgian Wheat
The aroma is pure wheat beer! Mmmm! You get the bready flavor characteristics muddled with delightful, tropical orange notes.

Hog’s Breath Beer Jelly with Coffee Stout
The mouthfeel on this one is a bit thicker and creamier that the others in the set. A delicate smoke flavor jazzes up the raspberry notes. This jelly is blended with a summer saison to add just the right amount of yeast-forward, funky characteristics.

Green Head Beer Jelly with Summer Saison
Smells like stout. Tastes like a stout! Gobs of chocolate and coffee notes which come from the locally roasted Onyx coffee that’s used to make this interesting jelly. Subtle undertones of raisin and figs are present. 

Beer Jellies from House of Webster

Snake Bite Beer Jelly with American Pale Ale
A personal favorite of It’s A Brew Life! Notes of apricot, orange zest, wild flower honey and ale. It’s made with a locally brewed American Pale Ale giving the jelly its hoppy, floral nose.

T-Rex Beer Jelly with Trippel Ale
Blended with Belgian-style Trippel ale, filtered peach puree, Chipotle peppers and smoked ripe red jalapeños. A fierce sweet AND spicy jelly you can use to add a savory kick to any dish.

Bear Claw Beer Jelly with Imperial Pale Ale
Delicate strawberry notes combined with the bitter hop kick of IPAs and balanced with oak barrel essence that the brew was aged in. If you closed your eyes and didn’t know what was in it, you’d exclaim, “Pink Grapefruit IPA Jelly!” It’s that mix of sweet, tangy and hoppy.

Jelly – It’s Not Just for Toast!

Grilled Chicken Belly Jelly Glaze

There are tons of alternative uses for incorporating this not-so-traditional take on a breakfast food condiment. Especially with the complex flavors that were created for each of the six jellies in the gift set. Here are some ideas you might want to give a try! 

Glaze for Grilled Chicken
Simply sprinkle garlic powder on both sides of the chicken breast. Then spread a thin coat of jelly on each side before putting the chicken on the grill. Half way through cooking, add another thin coat to each side. Once the chicken is done cooking and plated, add a dollop of jelly on top. We chose to use Bear Claw Beer Jelly with Imperial Pale Ale to add a sweet & earthy compliment to the chicken’s charbroiled flavor. It paired perfectly with locally grown red beets that we boiled and quartered then sprinkled lightly with sugar and sea salt. 

Not Your Mama’s PBJ
Kick the grape jelly to the curb and instead use Hog’s Breath Beer Jelly with Coffee Stout. The combination of peanut butter, chocolate and coffee is quite decadent. Experiment with different types of bread like wheat, sour dough or even oat bran.

Jelly Filled Cookies
My PA Dutch family has passed down a recipe for Sonja Heine Cookies for generations. It’s basically a thumbprint cookie rolled in chopped nuts then topped with jelly. It’s kind of like a PBJ cookie. I often make them for Christmas with different jelly centers – a dozen grape jelly, a dozen strawberry jelly, a dozen orange jelly, etc. The different colors are gorgeous as a Christmas cookie display on a festive serving dish. It would be fun to experiment with more complex flavored jellies from the craft beer jelly 6-pack.

Cracker Bites
Spread creamy cheese on Ritz Crackers than add a small spoonful of T-Rex Beer Jelly with Trippel Ale on top of the cream cheese. The cool cream cheese will balance the heat of the sweet-hot pepper jelly.

Where to Buy the Craft Beer Jelly Gift Set

Head on over to HouseOfWebster.com to snag your beer jelly 6-pack. The set retails for $30 but if you use this discount code, CHEERS17, you’ll get 10% off your order during the holiday shopping season. (You’re welcome!)


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