Beerify Your Halloween Decor

Like Beer? Love the Halloween season? We do, too! Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. You really can let your creativity run wild decorating the inside and outside of your home.

Derek usually handles the exterior setup (with my art direction, of course!) draping purple lights on the shrubs, glowing jack-o-laterns covered in metallic brass paint, and a giant, 5 foot, lighted spider on the wall by the front door. But his new addition this year is the purple swirling light show that illuminates the whole front of the house. Eeery and cool. 

I’m all about the interior design. And, admittedly, I go a little crazy decorating every square inch of our living space. Each table, shelf, counter, end table, dresser… every surface… has something Halloween on it. Last year, I added a black Halloween tree with fun little ornaments of black cats, pumpkin, dangling skeletons, orange translucent teardrops, purple lights and violet colored feathers. 

My style isn’t so much ‘Haunted House.’ I personally don’t dig items with sound effects, flashing lights, moving parts, etc. Just not my thing. I take more of a ‘Every Day Macabre’ approach. You won’t walk into my house and secretly think, “Whoa! The Spirit of Halloween Shop blew up in here!” While some of the items are store bought, many are collected from flea markets, auctions, craft shows, things I’ve made or craft beer related items I’ve saved throughout the years. Some common elements throughout my halloween decor – in addition to craft beer – is skeletons, skulls, pumpkins and black cats (we have one of our very own!).

I took a few quick snaps of how I’ve incorporated Halloween-themed beer items into the mix. Now you can steal these ideas and beerify your Halloween decor!

Halloween Beer Bottles

Over the years I’ve collected a few interesting Halloween-themed beer bottles for display purposes. Throw in a bunch of black faux flowers from Dollar Tree, Michaels, or AC Moore to dress up a bottle and add height. You could also place candles in the bottle tops and burn them down so the wax drips all over the bottle. I picked up an old aluminum lantern at an auction. And, the ceramic pumpkin growler made by Romanick Pottery is from Dogfish Head’s Brewpub. Each year Dogfish sells a limited number of the growlers at their Delaware locations (pub + brewery) and in their online store.

Halloween Bottle Candle

I spooked up my spare bathroom with a handful of old brown bottles from the flea market. The Arsenic Poison label on the largest bottle came from a set of free printable halloween bottle labels. I paired the bottles with a Spring House Brewing Co. pumpkin stout bottle that was transformed into a candle. Julie Kovaleski (aka @craftbeer_babe) creates these upcycled bottle candles and has a variety for purchase on her website:

Halloween Dead Guy Ale

I can’t even remember where we picked up the Rogue Dead Guy Ale glass growler but I’m pretty sure it was a bottle shop in PA. After we drank the beer, this novelty just had to become part of my Halloween decor. Because Skeletons.

Halloween Artwork

The walls are also fair game when it comes to beerifying your Halloween decor. While this is my ‘every day’ decor in my office, it definitely fits into the theme of macabre. Derek framed various artwork I selected to create the look. Off Color Brewing Co. has black and white sketches as their bottle carrier packaging. I cut out the pieces of the Troublesome gose carrier I found most interesting. The 2014 Dogfish Head ApriHop artwork came from one of the brew magazines we subscribe to. I carefully removed it from the binding and we had Sam Calagione (brewery founder) sign it during the first ever Meeting of the Malts symposium. The artwork is by Jermaine Rogers. And, the image on the far right is a postcard that Tired Hands Brewing co. was giving away at their brew cafe. 

There are so many options when it comes to decorating with 6 pack holders. If you’re less into the strange and creepy imagery, you can find a variety of pumpkin themed artwork to frame and hang.

Voodoo Ranger Standee

One of my favorites of my Halloween decor this year is the New Belgium Voodoo Ranger character standee. I found this sweet piece of beer art at my local beer distributor (I’m in PA… we have beer distributors where you buy cases and now finally, some 6 packs of brew.). From the first moment I saw him, I just had to have it! I put a request into the owner to keep it for me once they were done with it. And, lucky for me, they were willing to give it up after the beer promotion ended this summer. Eeeek!

Jasmine Halloween Cat

There she is! Our own black beauty, Jasmine the #Beercat. She is mostly a sweetheart but definitely has a Jekyll & Hyde personality. On a dime, she can put you in your place. Do what she demands or else fear the wrath of this ferocious one… jaws of steel! Muahahaha!! Even our other cat, Bella, steers clear of her. In this pose, Jasmine has definitely had enough of my camera-in-her-face-during-naptime nonsense. I was getting ready to die if I didn’t retreat.

Well, there you have it. Some quick and easy ways to jazz up your Halloween decor with craft beer related items. 

Cheers! And, Happy Halloween. ☠️? ☠️

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