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The Art of the Beer Can has come a long way in the past decade. Heck. Even in the past 3 years we’ve seen the evolution of basic, average design jump fast forward to beer can labels taking a more fine arts approach. Especially for those breweries that have frequent NE-style IPAs can releases. Colorful, geometric patterns and illustrations are among our favorites as well as scribble-like hand-drawn masterpieces like in our latest article…


Hudson Valley Brewery’s Release of Planetfall DIPA

Hudson Valley Planetfall Can2

Now we’re adding Hudson Valley Brewery’s beer label artwork to our list of favorites! We fell in love with the quirky, complex, intricate illustrations during our recent and first-ever visit to the brewery. Not only did Planetfall Double Dry Hopped IPA come highly recommended but the design on the can sealed the deal. We snagged a 4-pack to take home and, of course, made sure 1 of our empty cans made it into our collection.


The Artist

Evan M. Cohen is the illustrator, printmaker and abstract comic book artist behind these wonderful works of art for Hudson Valley. You’ll see a common theme or similar style approach to his illustrations. Many of them have repetition of elements creating an almost puzzle-like effect. Solid color fills, geometric elements, abstract shapes, pastel colors contrasted against dark, deep colors are all part of the look and feel. Very striking images, indeed! Take a look at some of his beer can label designs:



I had a chance to interview Evan via the “digital spaces” to find out more about his background, what inspires him and what advice he gives to other designers looking to get into the biz.

Q: Where did you go to college and what was your major?

A: I went to school at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY and majored in Studio Art, concentrating on Lithography and Woodblock Relief printmaking. I moved to Beacon, NY and continued to print after school. But eventually discovered comics and illustration. I’ve worked in that world ever since.


Q: How did you connect with the owners of Hudson Valley Brewery to get the illustration gig?

A: I’ve known John-Anthony Gargiulo, co-owner, for a few years now. I moved to Beacon in the fall of 2013. It’s a really small town. If you’re willing to dive into the social scene, you can meet everyone pretty quickly. When the day came that John-Anthony was able to pursue Hudson Valley Brewery, he called me up.

That’s the thing about Beacon and the Hudson Valley, there are a lot of driven and talented people that just want success for each other. I’m very lucky to work with John-Anthony, Jason, Mike, and all of Hudson Valley Brewery who allow me to have a voice in how the labels end up looking. It’s a collaborative process between all of us and i think the designs have been doing really well.

Q: Where did you get the inspiration for Hudson Valley Brewery labels?

A: The designs stem from both the beer names and ideas thrown out from everyone at Hudson Valley Brewery. The beer names are very strange and unique which can inspire unusual imagery or vice versa. For instance, names like Pillow Hat, Osmosis Mask, Adult World, Air Out etc.

Hudson Valley Brewery Airout

Sometimes the designs are easily selected from my previous work. And other times, it can be a longer revision process of newer artwork.

For me, I am trying to bridge two worlds together, illustration and craft beer. I want to bring the world of comics and illustration into a larger playing field, where people drinking HVB beer are exposed to new styles of artwork and designs that they aren’t used to seeing on a beer. I want the artwork and the beer to compete with the consumer, resonating with each other and bringing them deeper into a conversation with what they’re drinking.

Q: Which is your favorite label design so far that you created and why?

A: Hudson Valley Brewery opened in February of 2017 and we’ve already made over 20 labels and counting. It’s only been recently that the labels have made their way onto physical cans. My favorite label so far has to be Sky Thing DIPA.

Hudson Valley Brewery Sky Thing DIPA

It was a challenge to design that image. A lot of time was spent thinking about what it would look like on a can. I think a lot of digital artists can attest to working on the computer and not feeling satisfied until that image is printed and out in the world. It was a great feeling seeing my art on a can for the first time! And even better that the beer was downright delicious and had an awesome response from HVB fans.

Hudson Valley Brewery Can Art

Photo Courtesy: Evan M. Cohen

Q: Any advice you’d like to give to other graphic designers and commercial artists?

A: I would just like to send a message saying: find what you love and just do it. I would have never gotten to where i am if i hadn’t been drawing and immersing myself in my work. Be truthful and honest to yourself! Do things that make you happy. Whether you’re recognized for it or not, simply doing that thing or activity should be rewarding. You can always tell when an artist or musician is making honest work. Those are the people that really shine to me. Be truthful and good to your neighbor. Respect the passions of other people. Collaboration and success can only come from a deep respect and appreciation for each other. #Respect #JustGoForIt


Art That Moves

Not only is the art beautiful in its still form, Evan also created animated versions for Hudson Valley Brewery to use in various social posts. Check it out:

Hudson Valley Brewery - Pillow Hat

Hudson Valley Brewery - Wave Shaper

Hudson Valley Brewery Adult World



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