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Art of Troegs 2017 Gallery Opening

It’s been a whole year since the grand opening of Tröegs’ Splinter Cellar & Art Gallery.  We gave you an insider look into the 2016 VIP night of celebration and we’re here to do it again in 2017. Last night, we had the pleasure of talking with the artists who were selected to be a part of the 2017 Art of Tröegs Gallery on the second floor of the splinter cellar.

We also had an incredible time socializing with fellow beer bloggers, podcasters, ingredients suppliers and our dear friends at Tröegs Independent Brewing while sipping on the 2017 Wild Elf release directly poured from the foedres in the room. We have to stop right here and say, you guys are going to dig this year’s rendition of the american wild ale when it’s available to the public! It’s loaded with notes of oak and tart cherries. Not at all sweet like the 2016 release. When it comes out, get some! It’ll blow you away.

And, now, without further chatter, here’s the look book of photos from our latest #BrewLife Adventure at Tröegs…

2017 Art Gallery Celebration @ The Splinter Cellar


The Opening Toast to the Artists

And The Winner Is…

Art Of Tröegs 2017 Winner: Marni Manning

Art Of Tröeg 2017 Winner: Marni Manning

~ Excerpt from the Tröegs Blog ~
We loved each and every piece, but there was one that made our smiles just a bit bigger, and that was the ‘Renaissance of Beer.’
Marni Manning, a folk artist and craft beer lover from Reston, Va., heard about the contest from her sister and brother-in-law, who were traveling through Hershey. As she was reading up on Tröegs, she read an interview with founding brother Chris Trogner that said he and his brother John hatched the idea to open a brewery while amidst Colorado’s ‘brewing renaissance.’ The seed for her piece was planted.  

“I wanted to paint something that not only celebrated their passion for crafting beer, but also playfully paid homage to the rebirth of beer by painting the brothers in 16th-century garb,” says Marni. “I come from a close-knit family myself and I love how the Trogner brothers have worked together to build an amazing brewery from the ground up,” says Manning.

Art of Tröegs Gallery

Wild Elf 2017 Release

Tröegs Wild Elf 2017 Release

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