• Beer Can #LabelLove

Beer Can #LabelLove

In that long ago day, in a land not far far and away there were lovely craft brews stored in heavy glass bottles. Almost always brown glass bottles but sometimes green. Dark as dark can be to keep the light out and other pesky things like oxygen gremlins. The kingdom of beer went on and on for decades in a sea of glass. Bottle after bottle after bottle. Some bottles were saved for their beautiful artwork painted or wrapped around it. Most were thrown away or recycled. While other bottles saw an untimely demise crashing to the floor shattering into a million pieces as the beholder screamed, “my beer! my beer!”

“Why not put the beer in cans?” some would say. “Aluminum would keep more light out!” others proclaimed. But folks talking THAT kind of blasphemy would be scoffed at – even jeered. “Only cheap, tasteless macro-produced beer like Budweiser and Keystone Light comes in cans, you fool!” retorted the craft beer snobs. “How dare you even suggest it!”

Fast-forward to “modern times” where the can is now becoming a preferred vessel for craft brewers to store their precious creations. And, craft beer enthusiasts, hop heads and the like are starting to demand cans. Others line up for hours on end for cans to be released at a specific day and time. “Pounder sized cans, please (16 oz)! How many 4 packs am I allowed to purchase today after I’ve waited in line for 4 hours, sir?” Of course, it’s for the delicious brew contained therein. But cans are so easily transported, traded and mailed across the country.

It’s kind of funny how perceptions and preferences change with us craft beer people. Now cans are seen as the norm. And, they’re being dressed up as if going to the prom all decked out in their finest designer wraps and labels. Artists create masterpieces worthy of canvases hung on the walls of modern art museums. Beautiful illustrations. Vibrant colors. Magnificent typography.

Tired Hands: New Horizon IPA

Some of our favorite craft beer can designs lately are coming from Tired Hands Brewing Co. and Aeronaut Brewing Co. Hand drawn or out right minimal are what we’ve been gravitating towards. But that’s not to say that other design styles aren’t as equally adored by their fans. Here are some #LabelLoves we thought you would like. Aren’t they just absolutely gorgeous? #GoodDesignMatters

What craft beer can designs are your favs? Let us know in the comments field below!

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