• MK16 CanSeamer by Oktober

Can Seamer for 12 oz. & 16 oz. Cans

Today we went to visit my cousin, Scott, who is also a homebrewer and play with his new toy: the MK16 CanSeamer by Oktober LLC. It’s basically like a crowler can seamer but this machine is designed for 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans. We were impressed by its sturdy, commercial-grade construction, ease of use and super quiet nature.

MK16 CanSeamer by Oktober

The cost of $1,500 is a bit steep for a homebrewer but the machine isn’t necessarily aimed at the homebrew market. It is designed for microbreweries, tap houses, cocktail bars, distilleries, cideries, coffeshops – pretty much any place that wants to have their beverage available for takeout in small quantities for their customers.

But it is certainly a nice toy for the homebrewer who has everything. Could be more cost effective if you went in on a can sealer with some fellow homebrewers to all use. I did read somewhere that Oktober is working on a less expensive model for homebrewers. They do not mention this on their site, but it is something to watch out for.

Filling the Can

Prior to sealing the lid on, we fill a sanitized and CO2 purged can with homebrew using The Last Straw bottle filling wand. You want to fill the can full enough that some foam reaches the very top of the can or even flows over the top of the can. You then place a sanitized lid on the foam and move to the next step.

Sealing the Can

After filling the can with beer, sit it on the machine and lift the lever in the front to secure the can. You then turn the machine on and the can starts to spin. You then pull in the lever on the right side of the machine followed by the lever on the left side of the machine. It only takes a few seconds and your beer is sealed in the can.

MK16 CanSeamer by Oktober

Switching between 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans is a simple as lifting off the white piece that the can sits on and replacing it with the other size that comes with the machine.

You can minimize the chances of getting a beer shower by wiping the can off prior to trying to seal it. It is a rather simple machine.

Where to Get the Cans & Lids

What’s nice about this manufacturer is they also have a store for you to buy both 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans and lids in small quantities.

16oz Cans

Perfect for the homebrewer who isn’t looking to order or store pallets on pallets of empty cans.

> Ordering Cans

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