• Pets with Beery Names

Beer-Related Pet Names Are Trending

We can’t help but to notice the rise in pets named after breweries, a specific beer name or beer brewing ingredient. Let’s face it. Craft beer isn’t just a beverage. It’s a lifestyle. Beer enthusiasts are passionate about their favorite brews and they are bestowing those names to their beloved furry friends.

Here are some of our favs:

Guinness: BarleyAndBells

Abbey Dubbel Keasey



Meet Haze the Beer and Haze the Super Adorbs Kitty.


Simcoe – StoutsAndStilettos.com Founder’s crazy cute kitty.


Oscar Blues named after Oscar Blues Brewery

Brewery Dogs or Cats to Follow on Instagram

There are even entire Instagram accounts dedicated to brewery pets with or without beery names. It’s fun to follow their #BrewLife adventures. Check these out:


Beery Pet Name Inspiration

Need ideas on what you can name your new addition to the family? Maybe one of these would be just perfect (dare I say, “purrrfect”). But get creative and make it relevant to your beer or brewery favorites!

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