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Product Review: GrowlerGasket

How long can you keep draft beer fresh in a growler before you crack it open to drink it? Depends on the type of growler: flip top vs screw tops. Flip tops used to be the way to go to keep beer fresher longer. But now there is a new way to ensure there is no loss of flavor, carbonation or aroma. And that’s by using a unique product from GrowlerGrips called GrowlerGasket. It’s a patent-pending cap for your screw top growlers. 

We were a bit skeptical as to whether or not the GrowlerGasket did exactly what it said it was going to do – keep beer fresh for 2+ weeks. But when we held the cap in our hand, felt how sturdy it was and saw the durable rubber seal inside the cap, we got excited to give it a try. It definitely looked promising.


We decided to head to Al’s of Hampden to drink a freshly tapped Pizza Boy Murren River DIPA and then fill up the growler with the same brew – sealing it with the GrowlerGasket. After that, we waited. And waited. Patiently for 15 days. 

View ‘Day 15’ Video: The Pour


From the pressure-release pop we heard when unscrewing the cap to the visual cues of carbonated bubbles, our Murren River DIPA poured fresh and tasty. 

Did We REALLY Get This Growler Filled Over 2 Weeks Ago?

Yep. Here’s the proof! Watch the video of us filling up our screw top growler with Pizza Boy Brewing’s Murren River Double IPA 15 days prior to enjoying this hoptastic brew.


GrowlerGasket Details

The Cap

  • Heavy Duty 6061 Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • CNC Lathe Design Work
  • Anodized for Durability / Color Options
  • Inner Dome Shape for Enhanced Seal for Fresher Beer
  • Designed and Made in America

The Insert

  • Specifically Engineered to Lock Into the GrowlerGasket 
  • FDA Approved Plastic
  • Easy Removal for Periodic Cleaning (Zero Bacteria)
  • Replacements Available
  • Designed & Made in America

The Gasket

  • FDA Approved Silicone Base
  • Extended Life vs. Rubber
  • Thickest Screw-Cap Gasket in the Industry
  • Better Compression Value Among Other Beer Vessel Gaskets (Including Flip-top!)
  • Seal Keeps Beer Fresh for 2+ Weeks
  • Easy Removal for Periodic Cleaning (Zero Bacteria)
  • Replacement Kits Available

growlergasket by growlergrips

Customize It!

The GrowlerGasket is available at various price points all with a 1 year guarantee:

  • STANDARD $14.99 – choose between Nickel or Black.
  • PREMIUM Metallics $16.99 – choose from Bronze, Light Bronze, Nickel or Gold with an interchangeable medallion. 
  • PREMIUM Colors $16.99 – choose from a rainbow of color options with an interchangeable medallion. 

Additional medallions are $7.99 for in stock designs. Please message GrowlerGrips for pricing if you are interested in a custom design on your medallion – like how we got our It’s A Brew Life logo on ours).

GrowlerGrasp straps can be purchased for $3.99 and allow you to carry your growler by your wrist.

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