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Far From Ordinary Growlers

One of those must-haves for any craft beer enthusiast is a growler. What’s a “growler?” It’s a vessel to take draft beer home with you from a brewery or bar if they do indeed fill them. Not all places are equipped to fill growlers or simply do not want to. Others have strict restrictions on whether they fill growlers from other breweries/bars other than their own. And, in some states like Massachusetts, it’s a law that when filling a growler from a specific brewery, you can only use a growler with that brewery’s logo/branding on it.

So make sure you check into each location’s take out and growler policies ahead of time.

Growlers come in all shapes, colors, styles and sizes with some reaching being gorgeous works of art. Common sizes are 64 oz and 32 oz (sometimes called Squealers). We’ve scoured the interwebs to find these fine specimens.

Glass Growlers

This is your most common material for growlers. And, we’ve seen them come in all different colors: brown/amber, clear, cobalt blue, yellow and forest green. Something dark is your best bet to keep UV light out. Otherwise it could effect the way your beer tastes if left in the growler for an extended period of time. 

Most breweries have the glass variety for purchase in their taproom. Or you can get glass growlers that have beer-themed decals or custom made monograms from Etsy.com where we found these darlings.

Metal Growlers

Some of your local breweries may have these for purchase since stainless steel is the hot new trend in growlers. 

Stainless Steel Growlers

Photo Courtesy: Howler’s Growlers

Or search online for purchasing something non-brewery branded. There’s tons of options. Here’s a few we thought were pretty neat.

Ceramic Growlers

Simply gorgeous! But note that not all bars or restaurants will fill these types of growlers. Mostly because each varies in size. Another reason is that the bartender can’t see how fast the growler is being filled up (no visibility through the vessel). As homebrewers, these would make a great container for us to take some of what we have on tap to friends and family. We found these ceramic growlers on Etsy.com.

Growlers Accessories

Etsy.com is also a great place to find really unique growler coozies, carriers and holders. Here are some of the more interesting we found.

Growler Gasket Cap Seals in Freshness

The GrowlerGasket by GrowlerGrips is a revolutionary product to keep draft beer fresh for 2+ weeks*. No lie. We put it to the test. It really works.

GrowlerGrips : GrowlerGasket


NOTE: *Growler should be counter pressure filled with CO2 prior to filling with beer. This should be the case for ANY growler fill whether using the GrowlerGasket or not!!!

Fun Ideas to Display Growlers

Every time we visit a new brewery, we somehow come home with a new growler filled with delicious, fresh draft beer. It’s not like we need yet another growler. (yes we do!)

We have a few shelves in the Beer Closet designated to displaying growlers and beer glasses we’ve collected here and there. Looking at them all reminds us of our many beery day trips and beercation travels.

We made this shelf to display beer bottles OR growlers. You can make one too!


Beer Bottle Collection

You can easily make something like this with gas pipes/fittings + S hooks. It’s a neat variation on the shelf we made. Or you can buy this one on Etsy pre-made.


Photo Courtesy: Kirs Design

Yet another variation on the theme. You can get DIY Instructions from The Devil Wears Parsley Blog for this cool gas pipe fitting shelf.

Growler Display Shelf

Photo Courtesy: The Devil Wears Parsley Blog

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