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Beer Museum Project Planned for Pittsburgh

Something exciting is brewing. Something that is long overdue in this country and it’s coming to Pennsylvania… our home state! What exactly is it? Well, it’s a museum dedicated to BEER to be built in Pittsburgh. The museum will tell the fascinating, 10,000-years-old story of beer. The town has seen multiple new breweries pop up in and around the area like Roundabout, Hop Farm, Spoonwood, East End, Hitchhiker, Full Pint, Dancing Gnome and Draai Laag – just to name a few. We made an entire beercation out of visiting Pittsburgh last fall. The museum will be one more must stop place when we visit again. 

Brew: Museum of Beer

After 3 years of planning, Brew: The Museum of Beer, is taking its first official step in launching with the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which will assist in laying the initial financial groundwork necessary to build the multimillion dollar museum unlike any other in the world. 

The campaign starts with the rally cry, “Why do we have big, fun museums for Football, Baseball, Rock & Roll, etc, but not for Beer? Shouldn’t we – Beer Lovers Everywhere – come together to build a comprehensive, interactive, entertaining, educational site dedicated to All-Things Beer?”

We answer with an resounding, “YESSSSSS!” We concur that a beer museum is exactly what we need!

“America has large-scale museums dedicated to so many important aspects of human culture but, surprisingly, no epic museum dedicated to beer – until now,” said Matt Sherwin, one of the founders of Brew: The Museum of Beer. “Beer is an awe-inspiring lens that can be used to understand all aspects of what it means to be human – our sociology, our anthropology, our history, our economics, our politics. We are going to explore all of that with Brew: The Museum of Beer, through the most cutting-edge best practices in the entertainment industry. The next, crucial step in creating this must-see complex is our crowdfunding initiative.”

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How Much Money Is Needed?

Brew executives hope to raise at least $50,000 over the next month through the crowdfunding campaign, which began October 19, 2016. Levels of contributions range from $5 to $575 and each come with perks, for instance, your name on the Founding Contributors’ Wall when the museum is built. Cool!

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The funds raised via Indiegogo will be used to take the development of Brew: The Museum of Beer to the next level to secure $30,000,000 in large-scale capital investments and bring in internationally known experts who have created experiences like The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, The Coca-Cola Experience in Atlanta, the 9/11 Museum in New York, The Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse in Louisville, etc. 

Museum Fun Facts

  • Brew will be a 50,000-square-foot complex.
  • The space will be large enough to accommodate 400,000+ national and international visitors per year.
  • It will showcase unique beer artifacts and exhibits with state-of-the-art interactive technology.
  • There will also be amenities such as an onsite brewery, 300-seat brewpub, gift store, theatre and large event space.
  • Will include The Beer Hall of Fame.
  • The Brewers Wall will be capable of including information on all 4,800 breweries in the U.S.
  • The size and scope of Brew is comparable to Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • 200 new jobs will be created.
  • It will have a more than $100 million in annual economic impact.

“Brew: The Museum of Beer will be financially self-sustaining, providing six-plus-million annually in new tax revenues for Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and the state of Pennsylvania,” said Joe McAllister, a founder of Brew.  “We have strong support locally, and are looking to expand that to a national level.”

Expected for a spring 2018 launch, Brew executives are currently in negotiations on where the museum will be located. Executives have indicated a strong interest for the site to be close to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and downtown hotels in order to serve the sizeable volume of out-of-town visitors.

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